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標題: Someone really betrayed [打印本頁]

作者: dkkeieieww    時間: 2013-12-18 09:25     標題: Someone really betrayed

Really cold, nor the coat to wear, I froze to death. A letter of apology Metro Inc. Ha ha,intermec ck3r, join in the fun really got the tickets, do not know what is the use, collection. For literacy: 9 degrees north of the Is it right? Begins heating? [tears tears] as expected! Fortunately, today I put on in Harbin to buy my only a down jacket [leisurely]2 line a line fault, once again trapped Nanjing Road 20 minutes, it must be late 2 line a line fault,I-4606E, once again trapped Nanjing Road 20 minutes late, today must find a row of hospital automatic registration payment machine is very good, very convenient, but almost No one shows any interest in, most elderly patients are still standing in the queue,intermec ck3r, the hospital should arrange a guide, really alleviate queue up to register pressure in order not to let the small Bitch gossip, got up at 6 days trapped dead, "black heart" black  ! Sorting out the N more than one individual catering invoices, in 2013, a small partners need? Free of charge. (first come first served) today to spend fifty dollars to let a female colleague tomorrow to help me one day, vulnerable! Walking in the street, cool wind in my face! The feeling is so cool, but who knows, my heart is cold! I hate lying to my people, those who rebelled against me, and I loaded to force people. If a person really betrayed, that everything is not what to say. Should someone urged, in Micro message ring to show results today, labor, and proposes the praise once! Looking to keep hard, work diligently and conscientiously, work uncomplaining spirit, persevere in the coming year and future household work, make persistent efforts, to strive for further improvement! [struggle. The struggle. The strong strong].

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