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標題: True insensibly [打印本頁]

作者: dkkeieieww    時間: 2013-6-14 12:47     標題: True insensibly

now teaching system so that children gradually lost their children Zheng Dangnian playful and spirit , that precious nature slowly degenerate . In fact, the social arena is so big, in the future need to worry that no suitable employment opportunities. Not Dad If you agree, I would choose to let the children suspension , go out for a walk , he really wanted to learn to want to seek knowledge ,DATALOGIC GM4130, I come to learn that not later , when , as long as three to five years of school is really half a year be done. So , parents are not tired , the child also has his complete childhood ^ _ ^ , I believe that such children are mature mind ,DATALOGIC PM8500, adaptability to society will be stronger . Can we respect the unique nature of each child ? Help your child embark on the journey of their freedom ? Taobao shopping just to think of it , I like Clarins cleanser throw in Hongze dorm room , and just think of it, this brain ah ! More than two hundred pieces throw, throwing dozens of pieces of a no ! Really stupidly !


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